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Entertaining course of russian
Versión española

A dog came to the interview for a job, and the interviewer,
after overcoming his amazement, decided to give it an opportunity:
"Do you know typing?"
"Managing a computer?"
"Editing letters?"
"Foreign languages?"

Welcome to my new course of russian.

Part I. The rules of speaking and reading.
As usual this part is the most boring, so I advise you to proceed directly to the part II and from time to time come back.
  1. Alfabet
  2. Basic frases
  3. An explication of the letters.
  4. How to pronounce This section is the most important. To tell the truth I have never seen any course that explains the rules of speaking russian correctly.
  5. A bit of grammar (under the construction)

Part II. How to learn languages.
  1. Some advises from my experience.
Part III. Learn entertaining yourself.
  1. Music
  2. Jokes
Parte IV. Online dictionary.

Wuala!! There It Is!